Stories on The Facing Project

Drugs Hurt Those Who Are Left Behind

The group of people in front of me was waiting expectantly. At times like this, I hated being a cop. I just stared back at them, tongue-tied. I could already picture how they were going to react when I told them. There would be tears, no doubt. I … [Read more...]

Drug Abuse Destroys Families

Together we had four children. Justin held a good position in a local financial institution. He was a wonderful father, always supportive of our children on their athletic teams, in their education, and helping around the house. Our life together … [Read more...]

Both of Me

I’m lucky to be here, that is both of me are lucky to be here. You see I’ve got two sides - the early me with meth, and today’s me with a whole lot more. So yes, I’m lucky to be here in this little community called Adams County. My … [Read more...]

A Lost Sister

When I see how relatively healthy people choose to abuse their bodies, I can’t help but think of my innocent sister. I can’t help but think of April 7, 2005, the day she died. It all started on May 20, 2003, when my sister was born. I was 2 years … [Read more...]

Facing Addiction in Our Community

At Drug Free Adams County, we were intrigued by the idea of putting a face on the issue of addiction in our community. The Facing Project is an opportunity to better understand the true impact of addiction on our community. And like so many things in … [Read more...]