All it Takes Is Just One Night

As told to Kelly Sickafoose When I was younger, everyone seemed to want to party and drink. I had a lot of friends, so I followed suit and started drinking and partying myself. As I got older, I started drinking less and less; however, I learned the hard way that drinking less often doesn’t put […]

Marijuana IS a Gateway Drug

As told to Kelly Sickafoose I started smoking cigarettes at age 12. At about 13 or 14, I was introduced to marijuana. At first, I was smoking it maybe once a week. This went on for about two years, then I started smoking more often. Eventually, I was smoking marijuana every day. I started skipping […]

Drugs Destroy Lives

As told to Kelly Sickafoose I had a great mom and dad, both pillars of the community with good jobs. I never had a bad life, but I had problems on the inside. I never really felt comfortable in my own skin. At a very young age, I became involved in the drug underworld, starting […]

Using Brings Pain and Loss

As told to Kelly Sickafoose Drugs have been part of my life since I started smoking pot at age 16. I used it a lot during the day along with smoking cigarettes. I was quickly addicted to marijuana; when I didn’t have it, I was irritable. At 18, I tried LSD for the first time, […]

Overconsumption Can Steal Lives

As told to Isabella Bailey My dear niece and nephews:  I remember the car. The car was spinning and I heard my mom scream my dad’s name. He tried to swerve, but the spinning car crashed into us anyway. The last thing I said was, “Mom, Dad, please wake up!” Then I blacked out . […]